Saturday , 29 January 2022
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370 Kenyan Schools set to be provided with Tablets per month

Kenya’s pupils are set to benefit from life changing agreement between China and Kenya. Moi Univeristy has paired up with JP SA Couto while JKUAT has paired with Postivo to source the whopping Sh19 billion-worth laptops. Joe Mucheru ICT CS has stated that the very first distribution is set to arrive this Friday from China. The announcement comes after Mucheru …

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Chinese Vendors Will Drive Growth of White-Box Smartphones and Tablets Through 2015

Demand for affordable connected devices, mostly from emerging markets, is continuing to drive strong sales of white-box smartphones and tablets in 2014. Gartner expects the white-box smartphone market to grow 50 percent, while the white-box tablet market will experience growth of 15.6 percent (See Table 1). Table 1. Worldwide White-Box Smarpthone and Tablet Sales to End-Users, 2012-2014 (Millions of Units) …

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