Thursday , 19 May 2022
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APEC Introduces the First Low-carbon Demonstration Town Indicator System Based on Yujiapu Practice


As the first APEC Low-carbon Demonstration Town (LCDT), Yujiapu (YJP) Financial District in Tianjin, China released the first Low-carbon Demonstration Town Indicator System (LCDTIS) at the recent 47th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Energy Working Group meeting.

Trusted and approved by all APEC members, the YJP LCDTIS not only provides guidance to low-carbon development in YJP, but also indicates that YJP financial district is progressing steadily. Moreover, it provides fundamental support for the overall implementation of LCDT.

At the outset of planning for YJP Financial District, the concept of low-carbon development was identified and a series of related studies were conducted. The first LCDT in YJP is an indicator system that consists of six aspects, including low-carbon transportation, economy and city. It implements the concept of low-carbon development into practice and plays an exemplary role in future developments.

On June 19, 2010, YJP Financial District was designated as the first LCDT at the Ninth APEC Energy Working Group meeting. Research and optimizations of the low-carbon town indicator system lasted for more than two years with the support of many APEC economy experts. APEC representatives from all over the world thought highly of the indicator system and hoped to see it fully implemented in YJP, turning YJP into an ideal example of a real low-carbon town.

Preparatory work for a sustainable energy center that serves the Asia Pacific region has been largely completed. All and each low-carbon institutions are developing smoothly; additionally Tianjin Innovative Finance Low-carbon City Design and Research Institute undertook the research work for LCDTIS and the Tianjin GSCC successfully organized the first Regional Green Building Materials Trading in China. Both projects have garnered much attention at home and abroad.

According to Li Bo, Chairman of TIFI (Tianjin Innovative Financial Investment Co., Ltd. is the city operator of YJP), the Green Development Initiative (Tianjin Initiative) was enacted at the recent APEC Green Development Round Table Meeting in Tianjin, China. The Tianjin Initiative welcomes the green supply chain (GSC) service center to be established in Tianjin and open to the interested economies, inviting the leaders of APEC members to support future regional cooperation of green sustainable development. CMEP will focus on supporting the development of APEC GSC center in YJP, Tianjin.

China is now facing severe environmental challenges. With the increasingly severe pollution of haze, water and soil among other concerns, there is a huge potential market in green environmental protection. Developing low-carbon cities and towns within the APEC framework, introducing low-carbon research and investment institutions; promoting GSC management and establishing executable LCDTIS, such are important measures, strategic points and effective means to cope with challenges, and to contribute to restructuring and further developing.

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